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Hiring The Right People

TALinsight, LLC takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. Our team is made up of dynamic and committed professionals who have gained a wealth of experience working in all aspects of HR—both within corporations and as outside consultants. Through our experiences, we learned firsthand that hiring the right people is the greatest challenge companies face, and we understand the costly consequences of hiring the wrong people.

Knowing the challenges companies face in filling certain jobs and the high turnover rate as a result of this challenge, we spent the time, energy, and resources it took to develop the effective approach we now share with our clients.

Assess And Screen Potential Employees

We’ve seen organizations attempt to motivate employees with complex and difficult-to-administer compensation and rewards systems, yet overall performance fails to improve. Why? If the right person is not in the right job, a system of compensation and rewards will not lead to success.

At TALinsight, we help you to avoid this dilemma by showing you how to assess and screen potential employees and narrow your selection to candidates whose talents demonstrate the best job fit before you make that costly hiring decision.

TALinsight’s Sophisticated Job Fit System

The TALinsight job fit system uses a highly sophisticated, research based approach to identify candidates who have the highest probability of success by matching their natural talent patterns to your specific job requirements and company culture.

Using our customized and proven job fit system, you will gain a significant edge in the competitive race to hire and retain good people. TALinsight’s system doesn’t stop once you’ve made the right hire. Our broad range of HR skills also enable us to provide customized support programs and compensation. Our development tools and reports allow you to further develop the candidate you’ve hired to fully leverage new talent within your company.

With the help of TALinsight and our proven methods, our clients continue to experience eye-opening performance improvements after staffing hard-to-fill, high turnover jobs.