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Job Fit and Development

Everyone has talent. The question is whether they can successfully use that talent in your work environment to become a high performer. The Talinsight Job Fit System uses a highly sophisticated, research-based approach to identify candidates who have the highest probability of success by matching their natural talent patterns to your specific job requirements and company culture.

The Talinsight system doesn’t stop once you’ve made the right hire. Our broad range of HR skills also enable us to provide customized support programs. Our development tools and reports allow you to further develop the candidate you’ve hired to fully leverage new talent within your company.

Seventeen Core Dimensions and Over 200 Measures

The Talinsight Job Fit and Development System uses a suite of three assessments to measure a person’s Thinking Style, Behavioral Style and Motivational Style. The combination of the three assessments provides us with 17 core dimensions which include over 200 calculations, ranks, and sub-scores. These measures are analyzed to identify the scores and patterns which differentiate high and low performers and provide insight as to how best to use their talent in their work environment.

Job Specific Benchmarks

While most assessment tools provide you with general benchmark profiles that help you identify talent, Talinsight goes even further. Our customized benchmarking process analyzes the assessment-based talent patterns of your employees within your specific jobs in order to develop custom benchmark profiles for each job role. Our more in-depth analysis allows you to not only identify whether a candidate has the required talent, but whether they can use their talent effectively in your work environment to become a top performer. Our job fit system is based on the concept of continuous updating and improvement. Once a benchmark is created, the profiles of all new hires are automatically loaded into our Talmetrics Analysis Center where we track performance, analyze success patterns, and update the benchmark.