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Employee Development

Don’t stop at simply selecting the right people for the job. Use our development tools to leverage the new talent within your company and further develop current employees. Once you have the right person in the job, the development reports can be used to optimize their talent in the specific position. The primary focus of our development process is to allow you to identify the strengths and gaps in your employees in order to help them reach their potential. We believe they can be especially useful in the on-boarding of employees.

Development Reports

Our development reports are  designed to provide user-friendly and constructive assessment feedback for participants. The reports include both a coaching report, designed to provide detailed information to the professional providing feedback, and a professional report, designed to provide the employee with easy to understand and constructive feedback.  As with the selection reports,  the development report also includes a one-page integration report which contains graphs for each of the assessments. Our development reports provide employees with an understanding of their unique talent pattern, including such things as problem solving abilities, strengths, and areas for development.