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Assessment and Performance Data

The challenge with custom benchmarking is obtaining, linking, and maintaining assessment andemployeeperformance data. To meet this challenge, we have developed an automated system which links assessment results, position, and location information, and employee performance. The system provides us with a real-time job fit database which includes all candidates, current employees, and terminated employees. The database can be continually updated as candidates take the assessments, are hired, and perform in their position. This system enables us to develop job fit benchmarks based on large numbers of incumbents and to easily update the benchmarks as the culture and work environment evolves.

Assessment Analysis Center

The TALmetrics Assessment Analysis Center provides a comprehensive web-based system for gathering, updating, analyzing, and maintaining  the assessment and performance data. The system can be accessed and updated at any time. Important information can be added or edited such as employee hire dates, termination dates, termination reasons, location, and performance talent rating. With all of this information available and searchable at all times, clients are able to access profiles, track trends, and gain insight into the assessment scores and patterns which are most effective in their jobs and work environment.


One-Page Integration Report

Need a quick look at an employee’s results? The Integration Report is a one page, integrated report of assessment data from the TALmetrics system.  This report can be downloaded right away and provides a snapshot view of an individual based on their information within the TALmetrics system. Integration Reports are available based on both selection and development information. See a sample Integration Report.