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At TALinsight we use a suite of three assessments to obtain a comprehensive multi-dimensional view of a candidate or employee’s talent pattern. These three assessments evaluate a person’s Motivational Style, Thinking Style, and Behavioral Style, providing us with 17 core dimensions of analysis and over 200 calculations, scores, and sub-scores from which we analyze job fit patterns and develop benchmarks.

Employee Assessments

  • Motivational Style – What motivates a person to take action
  • Thinking Style – How a person thinks and makes decisions
  • Behavioral Style – How a person operationalizes their decisions

Our research and experience clearly show that this multiple assessment approach provides a stronger framework for identifying excellent job fit and predicting performance than just one assessment focused on a single aspect of performance. The characteristics of both the job and corresponding work environment dictate the weight and role of each of the three assessments in determining optimum job fit.