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Behavioral Style

DISC Profile

Our Behavioral Style Assessment, based on the DISC Profile, helps you understand how an individual operationalizes decisions by not only defining unique behavior, but also by guiding the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success.  With this capability, this versatile management tool can be used to hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication, and build sound employee-manager relationships.

Our Behavioral Style Assessment focuses on patterns of external, observable behaviors using scales of directness and openness that each style exhibits.  Because we can see and hear these external behaviors, it becomes much easier to “read” people.  This tool is simple, practical, and easy to implement.

Behavioral Style Report

The Behavioral Style Report has four parts. The first part helps you understand your behavioral style characteristics in many environments, including at work and under stress.  The second part provides you with information about your strengths and areas for development. The third part opens the door to effective interpersonal communication. The last part helps you learn how to effectively motivate, manage, and collaborate with other individuals. In addition to understanding your behavioral style, the report will help you identify ways that you can apply the strengths of your style or modify your style weaknesses to meet the needs of a particular situation or relationship.  We can make others feel more comfortable by identifying their individual needs based on the behavioral signals they send us, and then adapting our own behavior.

Managing Behavioral Talent

Your ideas do not change, but you can change the way you present those ideas.  Moreover, the best part of it is- people will teach you how to treat them if you know how to read the signals their behavioral styles will send you!  The key to successful talent management and personal growth is knowledge of each person’s unique behaviors.  With this knowledge, people can be effectively coached by maximizing strengths to achieve the organization’s goals.  Apply the results of The Behavioral Style Report to create improved morale, increased productivity, personal development plans, and win-win situations for everyone.

The Behavioral Style Report is an extremely valuable contribution to talent management.  It takes only 10 minutes to complete the 30-question online assessment. Its insights and versatility make it an ideal tool for new employee orientation and performance plans and retention strategies for key employees.  It is also very useful for coaching, mentoring and leadership development, and conflict resolution.