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Motivational Style

Motivational Style Profile

Our Motivational Style Assessment is a combination of the research of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport into what drives and motivates an individual. The seven dimensions discovered between these two researchers help identify the reasons that drive an individual to utilize their talents in the unique way they do. This assessment will help you understand your motivators and drivers and how to maximize your performance by achieving better alignment and passion for what you do.

Motivators and Job Fit

When you look at how decisions are made and where people focus, much of it has to do with what motivates an individual. Equally important, we find that people tend to motivate others based upon what drives them. Not understanding these tendencies creates missed opportunities to engage people and a potential poor job fit that could lead to unwanted turnover.

The Motivational Style Assessment is created after the completion of an online 10-question assessment. It’s a simple assessment in its administration, but it produces comprehensive results based on determining an individual’s motivators. With the knowledge of these drivers, we can encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive, and we can determine if their position will be rewarding based on the values they hold.  Think of the advantages in knowing what motivates an employee right from the start, rather than waiting for time to tell.