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Case Study: Design Agency

A strategy and design agency that focuses on the development of communication and marketing materials for retail companies wanted professional support in the area of screening and selecting new employees. The company was too small to justify full-time human resources support but understood the importance of making good hiring decisions as they grew the company.  Talinsight was selected to provide this support by screening candidates with the Talinsight suite of assessments and providing feedback to management with regard to the candidates’ talent and potential job fit.  To ensure a good understanding of the firm’s talent requirements, all incumbent employees were assessed and the profiles analyzed to identify talent scores and patterns that were represented in the higher performers.  For each screened candidate Talinsight provided assessment-based feedback to management, including the candidate’s strengths, potential limitations, suggested interview approaches, and questions designed to target key concerns.

All employees and candidates that are hired are provided with a 90-minute assessment debrief session to help them gain insight into their natural talent pattern, their strengths, and their development opportunities. Additionally, Talinsight has conducted assessment-based teambuilding sessions to facilitate communication between employees and help employees gain a better understanding of the talent-based contribution that they bring to the company.