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Optimizing Talent and Job Fit

We use a highly sophisticated, quantitative, research-based approach to identify a candidate’s natural talent from a suite of three assessments that measure Thinking Style, Behavioral Style, and Motivational Style. Through our Assessment Analysis Center, we have created an integrated database of positions and assessment-related information to identify assessment-based scores and patterns that differentiate high and low performers.

Once you have the right person in the job, our development reports provide the information and guidance to optimize their talent in your work environment. That is what Talinsight is all about- Optimizing Talent and Job Fit.

Other Assessment Providers TALinsight
Provide a single dimensional “view” using assessments that are primarily behavior-based. Provides a multi-dimensional “view” using Behavioral, Motivational, and Thinking Style assessments. (Picture an X-ray vs. MRI)
Utilize self-reporting assessments that measure how a person says they will behave or what competencies they say they possess. (May be subject to bias) Utilizes an assessment that asks respondents to actually think and make decisions. (Not subject to bias)
Provide a general selection benchmark based on performance of a relatively small sample of only high-performing individuals in similar positions from multiple companies. Provides customized selection benchmarks based on the actual performance of a significant number of your own high and low-performing employees.
Do not have an effective approach to linking assessment scores, positions, and performance information to facilitate the development of a position specific selection benchmark profile Provides an automated system which includes a comprehensive database of assessment, position, and performance information which is used to create the customized benchmark profile.
Multiple assessment results are not integrated or presented in a clear picture of an individual’s talent pattern. Provides a “holistic” overview of each person using multiple assessments results combined into a 1-page Integration Report that makes it easy to interpret scores and dimension patterns.
Scores and graphs do not integrate easily to convey a total picture of an individual’s profile and areas for improvement Scores, models, and graphs that provide an overall picture of an individual’s key talent patterns and opportunities for development.