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Turnkey Services

TALinsight offers  turnkey services for organizations who do not have  the internal  staff and resources to  administer the Talinsight Selection and Development System or have the staff and resources but choose to “outsource” the service.  In these cases the  Talinsight team manages all aspects of the system, providing services through conference calls and on-site meetings.  Our turn key services are designed for smaller organizations that want to focus on screening candidates  and providing individual feedback to assessed employees.

In House Services

Through our comprehensive in house services, we provide our clients with access to everything Talinsight has to offer, including assessments, data , analytics, and training and interpretation materials.  We  train and certify  your recruitment, training, and development  professionals on administering  and interpreting each of the assessments and how to  effectively use the assessments for both selection and development.

Through our web-based Assessment Administrative Center, designated company professionals have access to  completed assessments and the ability to order additional reports.  For example, if a candidate was screened using a selection report and was subsequently hired, a company professional can go into the center and run the corresponding development reports for on-boarding and coaching.

Through our web-based Assessment Analysis Center, our clients have access to their entire database of assessment scores,  employee demographics, and performance ratings.  The database can be edited, searched,  sorted, and downloaded for analysis.  Our In house services are designed  for larger organizations that have the professional staff and resources to administer and manage all aspects of the Talinsight Selection and Development System.