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Timeshare Company

Case Study:  Timeshare Company

A leading company in the hospitality industry was facing a huge challenge trying to hire and retain high-performing employees for a key sales job.  Professionals in this commission-based position must meet face-to-face with sales prospects within tight time constraints and persuasively pitch a high-end, expensive product. While a few associates thrived in this pressure-packed environment, many others performed poorly and left within six months. Annual turnover soared past 100 percent.

Talinsight developed a custom assessment and screening system that evaluated incumbent sales associates using our suite of three online instruments.  Our analysis identified talent patterns that lead to a successful and rewarding job fit.  Based on this analysis, we developed a job fit model to be used in identifying candidates whose talent patterns predicted they would likely be successful.  In other words, these candidates’ innate talents closely “fit” the job talents demonstrated by high performers.  Over the first nine months of the implementation turnover decreased from 140% to 49 % and the productivity of lower risk screened candidates was between 25% and 45% higher than higher risk candidates.  The system was implemented in three locations and overall turnover decreased from 122% to 66%  over a two-year period.

To further support the process, we customized position training, placing added focus on individual learning styles to support specific job talent requirements.  Sales associates hired using this system are demonstrating dramatic improvements in sales, productivity and job satisfaction.  As a result, turnover has dropped significantly and remains low.