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Custom Benchmarking

Custom Benchmarking

Talinsight’s customized job benchmarking approach defines a position’s required talent pattern by identifying

areas of job fit risk to predict the potential success of the applicants. Job benchmarking is an important tool for the selection of new talent and helps in the retention and management of the employee.

Often, employee performance problems stem from a poor job fit – either the organization is not effectively using an employee’s talents, or the employee’s talents do not fit the position’s requirements. Our process offers innovative strategies to help find the right talent for a position within the culture of a company.

Job Analysis

Most of our competitors use some form of job analysis, which generally includes questionnaires, to identify assessment-based job requirements which we call a “job fit benchmark.”  While we use this approach for situations where there are one or relatively few incumbents in the position, in situations where a company has a significant number of employees in a position, we have found that the best screening results come from developing empirically-based job fit benchmarks using the actual talent patterns that differentiate the high from the low performers.

Our job fit system is based on the concept of continuous updating and improvement. Once a benchmark is created, the profiles of all new hires are automatically loaded into our Talmetrics Assessment Analysis Center where we track performance, analyze success patterns, and update the benchmark.

Selection Reports

Selection reports are available for all three assessments. The selection reports are designed to provide assessment-based insight into a candidate’s strengths, potential limitations, and job fit.  Depending on the report, the selection reports provide the information to assess a candidate’s risk as well as interview strategies and questions focused on key risk areas. See a sample Dimension Risk Analysis report.